Work List

To view the complete scores of any of these pieces or get more information, you can contact me here.


Atomic Fragments (2017)   for Violin and Piano   (2′)   (view first page)

Five Anatomical Sketches (2016)   for Solo Piano   (6’)   (view first page)

Cello Suite   (2014)   for Solo Cello   (8′)   (view first page)


BIRTH RITUAL (for Wind Orchestra)   (2018)   for Wind Orchestra   (11′)

Prelude: “1939”   (2016)   (4′)   (view first page)

Magma   (2015)   (6′)   (view first page)


Cantata-Roundelay   (2019)   for Soprano, Tenor and Cello   (9′)

“Dream”   (2018)   for Tenor and Piano   (2′)

Imaginary Lover   (2017)   for Tenor and Piano   (8′)   (view first page)

My lover spoke   (2017)   for Choir and Organ   (4′)   (view first page)

The Second Advent   (2016)   for Male Voices   (5′)   (view first page)

Under the Sun   (2016)   for Male Voices, Cello and Organ   (5’)   (view first page)

Scenes from the End   (2015)   Opera for Solo Soprano   (45’)

Evening Proverb   (2015)   for Male Voices   (3’)   (view first page)

Six Dream Songs   (2014)   for Solo Soprano   (6′)   (view first page)


Trio-Sinfonie   (2018)   for Clarinet, Viola and Piano   (15′)

SEXTET (“Lump of Love”)   (2018)   for Chamber Ensemble   (20′)

Rattle His Bones    (2017)   for Chamber Ensemble   (15′)

Ponderous Planets of Unwaning Woe   (2016)   for Piano Trio   (4’)   (view first page)

Scherzetto   (2015)   for String Quartet   (1’30)   (view first page)

Kiss The Sun   (2014)   for Two Trumpets   (5′)   (view first page)