Press Quotes for “Scenes from the End” in London

After two sell-out shows in London, my one-woman opera Scenes from the End will head to Edinburgh on 22nd August for a 6-day run (tickets are still available). Here are some quotes from and links to the London reviews, along with the poster for Edinburgh:

Scenes From The End is powerful, abstract and thought provoking in its impact.” A Younger Theatre

“the work has an immediacy which is arresting and very powerful”, “direct and thought-provoking with a raw intimacy” The Cross-Eyed Pianist

“a compelling combination of music, theatre, spoken word, projection and recorded sound.” Andrew Benson-Wilson

“Whatever your level of interest in opera, this is a good opportunity to experience what the human voice is capable of, both at the loudest and longest big note and the smallest and barely audible whisper, and every level in between. A well-acted, quirky and charming production.” London Theatre 1

SFTE Poster Edinburgh


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