In PROTO-SYMPHONY, the earnestness of a late-Romantic Austro-German symphony meets the hairpin turns of a funfair ride. Symphonic traditions are pressure-packed into a tiny four-minute space, with familiar movements, sounds and gestures compressed, combined and reordered. (View Score)

London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Jack Sheen

Canzoni et Ricercari

for 12 string players

Canzoni et Ricercari is scored for onstage string ensemble of 9 players and 3 offstage violins. The fractious relationship between these two groups is at the heart of the piece. There are two movements of roughly equal length, each building to a climax in a different way, and each involving canons or ricercars on some level, hence the Frescobaldi-inspired title. The atmosphere is sometimes solemn, sometimes playful, and sometimes a bit of both. (View Score)

Recorded live by The 12 Ensemble in Gloucester Cathedral on 9th July 2021

Message-Fragments in

Honour of Giles Swayne

for solo violin

This piece, written for a project celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Royal Academy of Music, honours one of its alumni: the brilliant composer Giles Swayne, who studied there in the late 1960s. Giles, my former composition teacher and current friend, has shown me extraordinary kindness and generosity over many years. I have written this piece by small way of thanks. (View Score)

Violin: José Cabrita Matias

Cello Messages

for cello and piano

Cello Messages explores the spectrum between musical eloquence and ineloquence. Sometimes the piece moves fluently and symphonically, sometimes it stumbles and falters, but throughout its five movements there is always the sense that both cello and piano are attempting to communicate. The piece was written for and is dedicated to Joe Davies and Daniel Chappell. (View Score)

Cello: Joe Davies
Piano: Daniel Chappell


for clarinet, viola and piano

Trio-Symphony plays with proportion and continuity to create what could be described as a “broken structure”. To the extent that the piece is a symphony, it is a malformed one. Though it may contain some of the familiar signposts, they are in the wrong order and pointing in the wrong direction. Its compositional language is inclusive, letting in many of musical loves. (View Score)

Clarinet: Balázs Sándor
Viola: Eszter Kalocsai
Piano: Katalin Gonda


for mixed chamber ensemble

SEXTET was written for Patrick Bailey and Kevos. The piece is a combination of short or extremely short fragments with more continuous, forward-driven passages, all using the same musical material. In this sense we hear the material “said” in many different ways and on many different timescales. (View Score)

Flute/Piccolo: Fiona Sweeney
Carinet/Bass Clarinet: Heather Ryall
Violin: Arisa Nemoto
Cello: Peter Davis
Piano: Niklas Oldemeier
Percussion: Megan Landeg

Frammenti Ricercati

for string quartet

Frammenti Ricercati is a pure experiment in contrasting timescales, assembled from snippets of previous pieces or ideas which had been lying in my sketchbook. The longest movement is over two and a half minutes, the shortest is a mere 10 seconds. The way in which they are pieced together creates a narrative out of seemingly disconnected fragments, blurring the line between micro and macro. (View Score)

Violin I: Eloisa-Fleur Thom
Violin II: Sophie Mather
Viola: Robert Ames
Cello: Oliver Coates

Evening Proverb

for tenors and basses

A short choral piece sets the following text from the Old Testament book of Proverbs:
When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
You will lie down, and your sleep will be sweet.
(View Score)

Chapel Choir of Eton College, cond. Tim Johnson

Five Anatomical Sketches

for solo piano

These five sketches represent the bone and sinew of my compositional thinking. Each movement has a single melodic line running through it, with other voices or chords occasionally running alongside or splitting off from this core. (View Score)

Piano: Philip Sharp

Imaginary Lover

for tenor and piano

Text compiled from poems by Vahan Terian.
I. from “Fate”
II. Little melody 1
III. from “Ararat”
IV. Little melody 2
V. from “To An Unknown Girl”
VI. Scales 1
VII. from “Ghosts”
VIII. Scales 2
IX. from “Words At Farewell”
(View Score)

Tenor: Berj Karazian
Piano: Arpine Kalinina

Rattle His Bones

for mixed chamber ensemble

Rattle His Bones revolves around a little music-box chorale heard in full only towards the end of the piece. The instrumentation is stark – four winds, two brass and “rhythm section”, but the musical material is not. (View Score)

Cambridge Contemporary Music Ensemble, cond. Patrick Bailey